App Release – Nov. 8 2017 – iOS and iMessage Extension

Textable Photo Books Powered with Dynamic Reality™

Orinda, Ca – On November 8 FlipClip Global, Inc. will be releasing the StoryGlass App; textable photo books. The StoryGlass app makes digital page-turning photo books in seconds called Storybooks. Storybooks are powered with an entirely new way to view images on the small view port of a smart phone called Dynamic Reality™.

Storybooks can have up to 50 images and can be text shared through the iMessage extension in a single thumbnail. No more blowing up your phone with a long stream of multiple images! Texting Storybooks saves storage on your phone as they live on the Cloud and you never lose your images in a sea of chatter because you have a timeline (left below) to go back and view your memories.

Powered with Dynamic Reality™

What makes a Storybook special is that we power it with our patent pending Dynamic RealityTM which lets you become immersed in normal iPhone images (not to be confused with 360 images) by zooming into the photo and allowing you to explore the entire photo by moving your iPhone. Dynamic Reality solves the problem of viewing images on smart phones with a small screen.

“Those who have seen DR have said it is the most beautiful way to view images on a mobile phone ever experienced”

Barbara Carey, the CEO of StoryGlass, is a successful inventor having launched more than 150 products in various categories ranging from hair accessories and toys to chemical adhesives and now mobile technologies.

She felt her iPhone images were just sitting around “collecting dust”. Barbara is passionate about solving problems and wanted to develop an easy way to get her best photos out of her iPhone and share them.

She marveled that there was no good way to text multiple photos with friends without “blowing up their phone” and using up the phone’s storage.

Barbara set out to make texting multiple photos easier and to also have a simple way to access these sets of images later. So she developed the StoryGlass APP which is INSTANT, INTUITIVE AND LEAVES ITS USERS FEELING “WOW” !!!!!


PR Contact

Nicholai Martinsen
925 437-4155
Launch Date: 11/8/2017