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Explore the reasons why people run as we dive into one of the world's biggest running events, the Wings for Life World Run.

The ‘Why I Run’ podcast from Red Bull celebrates the extraordinary and the everyday stories of running. We’re meeting some incredible guests and building our team for the 2022 Wings for Life World Run, and we really hope you can join us! Runners of every skill level are welcome, from passionate go-getters to runners who struggle themselves to get out the door and everyone in between.

Meet your hosts: Erin Azar became a TikTok sensation when she documented her running journey. Though she doesn’t run to hit the fastest speeds or go the longest distances, her passionate love for running has brought a lot to her life. Ayo Akinwolere is a broadcaster and world record-breaking swimmer, who at one stage could do a half-marathon, but has since relaxed into a casual runner. Together, they’re going to meet a whole world of interesting people to dig deep into the many and varied reasons as to why they all run. From people who find running gives them a route to new creative insights, to those who have built a community from their regular sessions, these are conversations to inspire everyone, wherever you are on your own running journey. 

The ninth Wings For Life World Run – the run for those that can’t - takes places on May 8th 2022. Participants will be able to run individually or join one of the many App Run Events organized in various countries around the world. 100% of all entry fees and donations go to spinal cord research to help find a cure for spinal cord injury.  Runners of every skill level are welcome, from passionate regulars, to runners who struggle themselves to get out the door, and everyone in between.  

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