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False Profits: Hillsong +

Noemi Uribe was looking for a church where everyone is welcome and she thought she’d found it in Hillsong. But that was ‘the most expensive mistake I ever made’. Noemi’s story turned into one of rejection, despair, and a fight for justice. Hillsong used to be home, now for Noemi ‘it’s a dumpster fire’


False Profits dives into the Hillsong experience - from Christian rock music, to celebrity pastors and famous fans - tracing its journey from humble beginnings to incredible global status and wealth, and some shocking scandals.


Through personal testimony and evidence that Hillsong never made public, we peel back the layers of a culture of submission, exploitation and discrimination.


The church says it’s changed, but will it face its past and the people who say they’ve been harmed by Hillsong? Noemi Uribe is on a journey seeking justice, and accountability.

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Red Bull: Mind Set Win +
Introducing Mind Set Win, a new podcast from Red Bull that unlocks the mental tactics used by leading sports professionals and shows how we can apply the same techniques to our daily lives.
In each episode, you’ll hear from an extraordinary athlete, coach or manager, talk through a key moment in their career and break down the psychological approach that can make all the difference. You’ll learn mental tactics such as resilience, growth mindset and decision making from champions like England Test Cricket captain Ben Stokes, former Bayern Munich and Germany striker Mario Gómez, pole vaulter Armand Duplantis and tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas.
Our hosts, Cédric Dumont, a BASE jumper and high-performance psychologist, and cross-country MTB athlete Kate Courtney, will guide us through the series and uncover practical tools for anyone who shares the desire to become better, more successful and more satisfied.
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NurseDot Podcast +

NurseDot Podcast is a brand-new weekly podcast dedicated to providing nurses with validation, resources, and hope, one episode at a time. Every week host Cara Lunsford, RN, CPHON, and VP of Community at Nurse.com, sits down with a new guest speaker to share inspiring stories of resilience and empowerment, building a space where nurses can speak candidly, feel valued, and discover tools and insights that can benefit their profession.

Nurses are a community that plays a critical role in frontline healthcare, and this is a community that Cara and the NurseDot Podcast team strive to support. Connect directly with Cara and podcast guests in the Nurse.com app to share your nursing stories, request topics, and provide feedback on recent episodes!

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Michal Oshman: What Would You Do I... +

What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid? is a series of intimate conversations with notable people about the big questions many of us face every day. It’s about how ancient wisdom can help us negotiate tricky issues created by modern living, and give us tools to help overcome anxiety and to face your fears. Tools to help you find the place that you belong, within yourself and within the world.

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Family Feud Australia +

A comedy podcast from iHeartPodcasts Australia, KIIS & Fremantle Media. The gameshow you know and love is a podcast! Join host Pete Helliar and Australia’s funniest celebrities as they fight for glory. Are you ready to play along? Let’s Feud!

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Twice as Hard +

Twice As Hard: The Podcast is a series of conversations that explore Black identity in the working world, and offer a blueprint for success from people who have lived it themselves.  Learn what obstacles limit opportunity for Black professional progress, understand and overcome racial stereotypes, be productive, find purpose, and ultimately thrive in business. 

Our hosts, the entrepreneurial power-couple Opeyemi and Raphael Sofoluke, explore their own personal brand of ethics, the challenges they have faced in their careers and the learnings they took from them, before inviting other successful business people who are thriving in a broad range of industries to share their experiences, and the practical measures they take to realise their goals too. 

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Red Bull: Why I Run +

Join the fun and join the run with Red Bull’s Why I Run podcast, talking to guests ranging from professional athletes like Courtney Atkinson, to casual joggers with a passion for plogging. Join Erin Azar, AKA Mrs. Space Cadet, and Ayo Akinwolere, the world-record breaking swimmer, diving into the reasons why people run as we approach one of the world’s biggest running events: the Wings for Life World Run 2022.

Listen to all episodes at redbull.com/WhyIRun

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Barons: Making Waves Podcast +

A 'Mad Men' for the surf world, exploring the businesses and history of surfing, this podcast is a companion to Fremantle Australia's upcoming show Barons. Releasing alongside the TV series, this special podcast is for surfers, people who would like to surf and people who just want to know more.

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Penguin Podcast +

Conversations with some our of leading authors and creative thinkers, as we seek to understand how they write and where their ideas come from. Guests bring to the interview a handful of objects that have inspired their work.

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John Grant’s Beautiful Creatures +

John Grant is a songwriter with few equals. His luminous, comically self-aware, musically rich songwriting has made him that rare thing: a cult artist with an audience that cuts across all demographics. He’s an expert musical chronicler of the American Dream, angled mostly from its flipside, where your dreams go to die and everything turns to ash. Now he wants you to meet his Beautiful Creatures, people who he sees as the world’s premier citizens who share his love of authentic, intimate and funny conversations.

Producer: Rachel Hooper