Sex Therapy – Sessions with Chantelle Otten

Please note: this podcast contains honest and open discussions about sex and is intended for adult audiences only. It is not intended to provide medical advice – please seek the guidance of a health professional if you have any concerns.

Sex Therapy: Sessions with Chantelle Otten is an empowering, authentic and intimate podcast that takes you under the covers and into the world of sex therapy.

During these anonymous, recorded therapy sessions, we meet real people with real questions, issues and desires. We listen as award-winning sexologist Chantelle discovers their truths and works with them to provide a path to sexual pleasure. This revealing and relatable series seeks to enlighten audiences about the fascinating world of sex, covering topics from performance pressure to self-pleasure, trust, identity, self-acceptance and the courage to communicate your desires. Chantelle’s open, judgement-free therapy offers a space to be heard and understood, and listening will provide you the sex education to feel empowered and own your potential for pleasure.

Chantelle Otten is an award-winning sexologist and relationship expert. Chantelle is the best-selling author of The Sex Ed You Never Had, and the director of the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine. As a leading sex and relationship therapist, her mission is to open up conversations that are usually considered ‘taboo’ and make them fun, enjoyable and conversational.

This podcast is a recording of sex therapy sessions. The sessions are edited but patients, their voices and their concerns are real.

Host and Consulting Producer: Chantelle Otten

Produced by Stephanie Van Schilt

Mixed by Ravi Gupta

Music is with thanks to BMG Production Music.

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